Peter Oguntoye

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

MDD50 - ​Cross-platform deployment and management for Office 365 ProPlus and other apps with Intune

​We love Windows, but what about the users of other devices in your organization? Have no fear – Mac, iOS, Android, and web platforms are first-class citizens in our management and end-user productivity app solutions. This session dives into details about how Intune, directly and in conjunction with third-party tools, can manage your apps such as Office 365 ProPlus on your user’s fleet of devices and how intelligence, creativity, and collaboration scenarios work across platforms with Office 365 ProPlus.


BRK3417 - ​What’s new in System Center Configuration Manager for a modern desktop

​The key to the new servicing model for Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus is to move from a project-based method to a process-based one, and System Center Configuration Manager is a great enabler for this new approach. We’ll demo a number of recent investments in SCCM to help deploy and service the Modern Desktop, including client peer cache, hybrid scenarios, phased deployments, AAD integration, management insights, Office 365 integration, and more.


BRK2496 - What's new in Microsoft Intune to protect and manage your apps, data, and devices

Learn how to use the recent security and management innovations in Microsoft Intune, including Win32 app deployment, security baselines, scope-tagged administration, threat-based conditional access, and protections against browser-based and email-based attacks on phones. Also learn about the expanded Android Enterprise scenarios, additional policies to manage Apple devices, and the new device licensing to manage your 'things'