Magdalena Rogl

Head of Digital Channels, Microsoft

BRK1140 - Women (accidentally) in tech: changing female involvement in STEM from incidental to intentional

Fancy a deep-dive into the topic of women in tech but are fed up of hearing the same numbers-led approach? Join us for this session to hear personal accounts of how women can (accidentally) end up in tech careers and discuss with us how empowerment, mentoring, networking, and building allies can help increase female representation in STEM careers.


BRK1136 - “Come as you are, do what you love”: How the Microsoft LGBTQ+ community drives inclusion

In today’s world of work, diversity and inclusion are important topics on almost every companies’ agenda; however the importance of driving inclusion through LGBTQ+ networks is not widely recognized. In this session, Microsoft’s GLEAM network talks more about the need for LGBTQ+ communities in the workplace, shares the work their network is doing and discusses how all colleagues can become allies of the LGBTQ+ community.