The Future of Cloud Solutions Architecture – Microservices, Containers, Serverless and More

  • Anthony Chu, Microsoft,
  • Alon Fliess, CodeValue,
  • Eran Stiller, CodeValue,
  • Penina Weiss, Microsoft,
  • Luke EventCore, Hubb

Microservice Architecture (MSA) promises to bring a cure to the architect's pains, but does it really deliver? Are Microservices the future of all cloud based solutions? How should I deploy and manage my services? With plenty of cloud services and hosting models, which one is the best fit for my needs?

In the experts' panel, the audience will have the chance to get real answers to tough questions. It is going to be educational and fun. By the end of this panel, participants will have a better understanding of the pros and cons of current and future cloud-based solution architectures and a better understanding of how to embrace the MSA/Containers/Orchestration/Serverless approaches.

  • Date:Tuesday, January 22
  • Time:5:10 PM - 5:40 PM
  • Room:Theater 2
  • Location:Theater 2
  • Session Type:Panel: 30 minutes
  • Session Code:THR2497
  • Topic:Networking & Architecture
  • Level:Intermediate (200)

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