Building your first Microsoft Teams application - a guide for non-developers

The way we work is changing. Bots are the new Apps. Data is King. Technology is evolving and you need to evolve with it. Teams has a rich platform for developers with multiple ways to bring new capabilities to your users. But what if you're not a developer and don't know where to start? Then this talk is for you! We'll go though all the ways that Microsoft have made it easy to get started building your first Teams application, tips and tricks I've picked up, Azure hacks to make sure you're not wasting money and more. As an example, I'll share experiences from publishing my most recent Teams App, RememberThis. If you've always wanted to write a Teams application and see your name in the App Store, this talk will fill in the gaps to going from Big Idea to Published App.

  • Date:Tuesday, February 26
  • Time:3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Room:Capital Suite 17
  • Location:D&T
  • Session Type:Breakout: 60 minutes
  • Session Code:BRK3605
  • Level:Advanced (300)

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