Modernizing your infrastructure: moving to Infrastructure as Code

  • Tanya Janca

Deploying applications to the cloud can be as simple as clicking the mouse a few times and running "git push". The applications running at Tailwind Traders, however, are quite a bit more complex and, correspondingly, so are our deployments. The only way that we can reliably deploy complex applications (such as our sales and fulfillment system) is to automate it.

In this module, you'll learn how Tailwind Traders uses automation with Azure Resource Management (ARM) templates to provision infrastructure, reducing the chances of errors and inconsistency caused by manual point and click. Once in place, we move on to deploying our applications using continuous integration and continuous delivery, powered by Azure DevOps.

  • Date:Thursday, February 14
  • Time:9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Room:Grand Ballroom B4
  • Location:Breakout 2
  • Session Type:Module: 60 minutes
  • Session Code:SRE10
  • Learning Path:Operating applications and infrastructure in the cloud
  • Level:Advanced (300)

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