Discovering Microsoft Azure

  • Christina Warren, Microsoft

New developers at Tailwind Traders have a saying with regards to learning our technology platform: "it's like drinking from a firehose." Indeed, learning all of the services that we use with Microsoft Azure can be overwhelming - especially if you're unfamiliar with Azure and/or the cloud in general.

In this module we'll start at the very beginning, introducing Azure and the core concepts that are the foundation of our cloud platform. We'll start with a discussion of what cloud computing is and what Azure can offer you and your team. We'll then take a look at basic services and features, setting up an account and subscription along the way. We'll then tour the Azure Portal and do a quick overview of the Resources available and what they do from a high level.

  • Date:Wednesday, February 13
  • Time:9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Room:Grand Ballroom B4
  • Location:Breakout 2
  • Session Type:Module: 60 minutes
  • Session Code:FUN10
  • Learning Path:Azure fundamentals
  • Level:Intermediate (200)

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