Understanding data through visualization?

At Tailwind Traders we need to analyze massive amounts of data with agile data visualizations tools in order to discover patterns that might not be immediately recognizable. By connecting PowerBI to our data storage we were successfully able to build dashboards, interactive reports, charts, graphs, and other visuals that helped us unlock key business insight quickly and effectively.

In this module, we will show you how to use PowerBI and D3.js (an open source data visualization library) to bring data to life, making you the master storyteller of the insights hidden within your numbers and publish interactive data visualization projects on the web. You will learn how visualization can be used for demonstrating performance, communicating trends, understanding the impact of new strategies, showing relationships, and beyond.

  • Date:Wednesday, February 13
  • Time:10:50 AM - 11:50 AM
  • Room:Parkside 1
  • Location:Breakout 4
  • Session Type:Module: 60 minutes
  • Session Code:DAT20
  • Learning Path:Getting the most out of your data
  • Topic:Data
  • Level:Intermediate (200)

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